The ‘Biggest Design Poster Ever Made’ Is 3-Dimensional And Interactive

Stockholm-based creative agency SNASK has created a fantastic poster for the Malmö Festival 2014—it is made up of gigantic, brightly colored, three-dimensional letters, numbers and shapes. 

Instead of existing just in print and on screens, this eye-catching poster takes up an entire physical area—put together by hand, this epic design took “900 hours, 14 people, 175 liters of paint, 280 plywood boards and 10,000 nails” to complete. 

In addition to appearing on the festival poster, this delightful creation would be installed at the Central Park in Malmö, where visitors would be able to climb, sit on and take pictures with this “biggest design poster ever made”. 

To photograph this poster, one would have to do so from a crane, 30 meters up in the air. 

Using Only Triangles, Designer Creates Vinyl Album Covers Of Famous Soundtracks

Paris-based graphic designer Simon Delart has given famous soundtracks a makeover by redesigning their album covers. 

Other than a completely new look for the covers, an impressive detail to note is Delart’s use of only triangles to form the images. 

The artist stated on his website that his works represent “a big homage to all those famous composer who bring to us so many great movie soundtracks”. 

His collection features soundtracks of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Inception and more.

Beautiful Propaganda Posters Honors The Districts In ‘The Hunger Games’

The Capitol has unveiled a series of propaganda posters honoring each district in The Hunger Games. 

Titled ‘District Heroes’, the collection features beautiful portraits of the people from the districts of Panem with their respective industry’s motifs and message. 

For example, for District six which specializes in transportation, the person is depicted holding a tire while the person representing District four who specializes in fishing, is dressed in fishnet-inspired clothing and holds fishes.

Creative Experimental Typography Inspired By Play, Encourages You To Get Messy

New York-based artist Allison Supron has created an experimental typography titled “Play”—inspiring people to “get off of the computer and get a little messy”—through engaging in simple, mindless activities. 

The artist recollects memories of her elementary school days when she was given time to explore and develop creativity through “finger painting, building with blocks, and storytelling”. 

She applies the same concept to the project by using “colorful mixture of unconventional materials and techniques”, forming the various typography designs with her “senior thesis paper tidbits”, pieces of cut cheese and fruits. 

period by KRUNK Interactive