“Sole of the Week” – Romain Trystram Illustrates His Favorite Sneakers Rendered In Neon Colors

French illustrator Romain Trystram has created a new series of work. His project, titled ‘Sole Of The Week’, features some of the illustrator’s favorite sneakers as objects in popular movies and events, rendered in neon colors.

Trompe-l’œil Window and Keyhole Illusions on the Streets of Istanbul by Pejac

Spanish street artist Pejac (previously) just stopped by Istanbul where he painted three new trompe-l’œil pieces in the district of Uskudar titled Lock, Poster and Shutters. Painted with brushes, acrylic paint, pencils and sandpaper the works are located very close together are intended to represent the “perception and illusion of freedom.” He mentions the literal translation of Trompe l’oeil from French as “eye trap,” and says “in the case of these three windows, the trap works in both directions: from outside to inside and from inside to outside.”

100 Year-Old Illustrator Displays His Vintage Ad Artworks In Solo Exhibition

At 100 year-old, McCauley ‘Mac’ Conner, who is credited as one of the “original Mad Men”, will have his own solo exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. 

Titled ‘Mac Conner: A New York Life’, the exhibition will feature original artworks by Conner for clients like United Airlines, General Motors and Greyhound Lines. 

Other than his illustrations, visitors can also expect an exclusive preview of Conner’s work process through behind-the-scene photographs and draft sketches. 

Despite being famous during his days, curator of the museum Terrence Brown said that “the influences (of Conner’s work) are brief and in most cases fleeting” but “the lasting effect is nil” because “that has always been the nature of illustration, it reflects its day and moves on”. 

The exhibition will be on display at the museum from now till 19 September 2015. 

Artist Ben Frost draws on Pharmaceutical Packages

Here is today a new selection of creations by artist Ben Frost, in which he hijacks and plays with packaging of Viagra, antidepressants and other medications with twisted illustrations, including some famous characters from pop culture, such as Disney or Simpsons… Ben Frost has just finished his solo exhibition entitled “Know Your Product” at the Soze Gallery (Los Angeles).

“Fake Coffee Branding” – Illarion Gordon Uses Paper Coffee Cups As Canvases For Imaginary Coffee Brands

Russian Instagrammer Illarion Gordon, better known as @luftaffe, creates fictitious coffee brands by illustrating designs on coffee cups. According to Gordon, he tends to create “melancholic and existentialist designs that would never exist in real life from real coffee brands,” which is why his illustrations are centered around random designs.

Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

Series of posters exploring the form and rhytm of letters or pseudo-letters acting as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.

The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.

Converse typeface by Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a former graffiti artist who is talented in multiple fields such as concepting, illustration, 3D and set designs. It is because of his creative persona and strong determination that today he is an owner of a design studio with twelve co-workers. In another word, Klee is a freelance art director and illustrator. Klee is from Netherlands and he has discovered several outstanding typefaces. Among those several exceptionally illustrated typefaces, today we are talking about that one typeface which was developed using converse All Star Check Taylor Sneakers.

This amazing converse type-face is a three dimensional project that spells the word “chucks”. On Klee’s about page on his studio, it explains “His work is a mixture of urban street art, experimental transformer style, typo and a bit of Dutch design with extraordinary use of color and craftsmanship”.

This is really one of his experimental transformer style projects that has gained so highlight. Below given are some few images of his creative work on 3D converse type-face.

period by KRUNK Interactive