Funny Illustrations Depict The Various Types Of Airplane Sleep Positions

New York stand-up comedian Demetri Martin has created a collection of illustrations featuring the types of airplane sleep positions. 

The humorous illustrations start with ‘The Standard’ sleeping position and progress to more exaggerated positions such as ‘The Friendly Neighbor’ and ‘The Centipede’. 

Using Only Triangles, Designer Creates Vinyl Album Covers Of Famous Soundtracks

Paris-based graphic designer Simon Delart has given famous soundtracks a makeover by redesigning their album covers. 

Other than a completely new look for the covers, an impressive detail to note is Delart’s use of only triangles to form the images. 

The artist stated on his website that his works represent “a big homage to all those famous composer who bring to us so many great movie soundtracks”. 

His collection features soundtracks of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Inception and more.

Coffee cup full of paste for a good cause with art

Cardona’s sketches of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Grumpy Cat, Walter White of  Breaking Bad , and more are fantastic on Their Own. But to make things even better, the San Francisco artist is selling his paper cups at  Café Sophie  for $ 20 each, with all Proceeds going to  Project Night Night , Which helps Provide baby blankets, toys, and books to kids in homeless shelters.

Artist Paints Hyper-Realistic Art That Feature Old-School Snacks And Comics

Florida-based artist Doug Bloodworth is a photorealist painter whose works are influenced by American western classics. 

His oil paintings are unbelievably realistic and feature old-school snacks together with classic comics that are sure to bring back a sense of nostalgia. 

Bloodworth begins his painting on a blank canvas, without the help of grids and each artwork can take him over two months to complete. 

period by KRUNK Interactive