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Shocking Gun Control Ad Shows The Devastation Of Mixing Children With Firearms

Grey New York has released a new gun control ad titled ‘The Monster Is Real’ for States United to Prevent Gun Violence that takes a shocking look at the intensifying gun culture in America. 

Directed by Yves Geleyn from production company Hornet, the animated ad tells the familiar childhood tale of a boy being afraid of the “monster in the closet.” 

Although his parents try to assure him that there are no such things as monsters, his curiosity gets the better of him and he investigates further, with devastating results. A disarmingly playful soundtrack features throughout the ad, making its chilling conclusion all the more shattering. 

According to Sue Hornik, executive director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence, having unlocked and loaded guns around the house is a preventable safety threat. Statistics show that 1.5 million children in America live in homes with unlocked and loaded firearms, and at least six children aged 18 and under are injured in accidental shootings everyday.

period by KRUNK Interactive