Stunning Creative Works by ILOVEDUST

The creative folks from ILOVEDUST, a design studio based in the South Coast of England, have been whipping and creating innovative designs for the last 10 years. They have worked with THE big and diverse brands out there including Nike, Red Bull, Wired, Coca-Cola, Virgin and way more. Truly stunning. 

Spray Cans Marked With The Iconic Logos and Colors Of Famous Brands

Art director and designer Antonio Brasko, known for his work at Nike, has created an intriguing project where he imagined what would happen if some of the world’s most well-known brands were to produce spray cans. 

The series is an attempt to bring luxury and streetwear together with street art. The idea has been manifested in these spray cans that have been branded with the easily recognizable logos and colors of some of the most successful companies in the fashion retail industry. 

While many of the brands represented in the collection are high fashion brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and Hermes, Brasko has also created spray cans based on the branding of famous sportswear labels like Nike and Adidas. 

Featuring the kind of typography and graphic design commonly found on the spray cans used to make street art, the “Spray Can Project” is a tasteful collision of two seemingly diverse worlds.

NIKE x NFL / APPAREL by Nicolas Girard

Developed a vector treatment for an alphabet for Nike to ultimately design typographical tees for every one of the 32 teams in the NFL.

Adam Larson: Nike

Adam&Co. created the visual identity for Nike’s Lebron 9 campaign based on the concept “Shoe Science”. The look and feel was developed as a series of posters that illustrate the six unique benefits of the shoe, and inspired the animations found within the initial promotional videos.

NIke Spain 2008

Headline: Take the game to the next level. Just do it.

TV, print and poster campaign for the Nike Spanish National team, Euro 2008.

Building on the already existing international headline “take the game to the next level” the campaign was developed on fact that the Spanish team had been having a difficult few years, and needed to overcome a cloud of criticism coming from fans and the press. The concept in turn portrays each football player personally vowing to take on one specific criticism or expectation.

Sweet Lolli POP logos by Massimo Gammacurta

Lolli-pop is the latest conceptual still life project by Italian born photographer Massimo Gammacurta. His lollies are edible icons of Apple, Coco Chanel, Nike, Disney, Air Jordan and others. He handcrafted each one with real hard ball candy. The brands are as sweet as candy for the palate and the eye. The brand association has in fact been replaced by a new meaning through the materiality and the abstract action painting dynamic gestures. When Massimo first distributed his lolli-pops on the Internet as an art experiment, interest amongst bloggers and fashionistas exploded. With this book, his lolli-pops of world renowned brands are released into the world once again for consumption, but now in print.

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