Illustrator Turns Pop Culture Characters Into Fun Popsicles

Illustrator Andrew Heath has turned pop culture characters from movies, television shows and video games into fun popsicles for his new ‘Pop Culture Popsicles’ series. 

His designs include Walter White from Breaking Bad, Mario from Super Mario, Spock from Star Trek, RoboCop and even the TARDIS time travel machine from Doctor Who. 

Heath will be producing 50 prints in total, which will be sold at the 2014 Lexington Comic & Toy Con. 


A series of prints depicting a somewhat complicated relationship between two (or more) objects. These were originally made by Safwat Saleem, a designer from Phoenix, Arizona, for a love-themed exhibit that opened in February 2013.

Awesome TV Show Art Prints, Feature ‘Don Draper’ And ‘Rick Grimes’

London-based illustrator Adam Spizak created an awesome series of art prints that features hit television show characters—such as Don Draper from ‘Mad Men’ and Rick Grimes from ‘The Walking Dead’. 


Poster and flyer (front and back) for the SUMMER NIGHT 2011, happens every year, taking place for the cultural event venue 603qm in Darmstadt.

period by KRUNK Interactive